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  • Sagola 4500

    I've heard good things about sagola for laying down a topcoat. There is a group buy I might want to get in on, but there are a few choices. For universal clear, the tech sheet recommends a 1.4 tip, but the gun mfg seems to recommend a 1.3. I guess I should go with the 1.4? Taking extra time wouldn't bother me though, and I might be able to avoid mistakes?

    I may decide to go single stage as well, not sure yet. Would that most likely need a different tip?

    Here are the available choices:
    For clear and single stage Sagola recommends a 1.3XL with the LXT Clear Cap.
    For clear and single stage a 1.4 fluid tip can be used in order to move a little faster.
    If the clear or single stage paint is a little heavier the 1.4 with the LXT Clear Cap may be best.
    Water based and waterborne paint products are sprayed using the Aqua air cap.
    Thinner waterborne products like PPG and Sikkens are usually best sprayed using a 1.2 fluid tip.
    The HVLP air cap is mostly used for spraying solvent base coats.
    The LXT01 is a multipurpose air cap.

    Is the sagola a good choice, and if so which one? Right now I just have a finishline 3 I've been spraying primer with.
    Thoughts appreciated.

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    I have that gun with a 1.4, it shoots base and clear good, I could see problems with the 1.3 with the clear and SS if High solids.
    I have both air caps and to be honest have used only the clear one for base and seems to work good, will try the base one but seem to remember after I'm done spraying.
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      Thanks Barry! I think I'm going to sign up for it.