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Sata 4000 hvlp/rp?

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  • Sata 4000 hvlp/rp?

    Has anyone tried the new hvlp or rp 4000 from Sata? Maketing ploy or is it really much better then the 3000 series? I was told that there is a new hvlp that is designed specifically for clear coat application, and the new rp is supposed to spray better too..of course right?...they wouldn't make it spray worse or at least market it that way....any thoughts?

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    I have heard its alot nicer than the 3000 but havent actually sprayed one. Had it in my hand at sema and it felt real nice.
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      Well I bought myself a hvlp 4000 2 weeks ago and just ordered another today, 1 for base and 1 for. I've got a digi nr2000 thats been well kept very nice spraying gun but now that I tried the 4000 hvlp 1.3 I must say it is a awesome gun, Ive only sprayed smaller stuff at the moment but it feels great, has a large fan pattern, the fan adjust can go from full fan to small with just a 1/4 turn.

      I'll try get some pics of the fan on it today if I get a chance.


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        from a couple people whos opinion i think highly of, they didnt like them as much as a 3000.. seems that the 4000 is a little tamer and doesnt put out the material and speed of the 3000 rp and hvlp.


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          I am glad they came out with the 4000. Now maybe I'll be able to afford a 3000 RP when everyone dumps them for the new model.
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            Sik you could be right about that, I got use to sprayin with a hvlp so the gun suits my style of spraying, havent really tried a rp except the sata90 dont want to fork out the cash on a gun I may not be happy with.


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              How does the new 4000 hvlp do spraying clear coat? Sata claims they improved the gun for clear coat application and the person at Sata I spoke with said it's a toss up in application quality between the rp and the hvlp, and both lay clear very well..unlike the 3000 series where there was a larger difference in clear coat layout between rp and hvlp versions.