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Epoxy over Self Etch Primer

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  • Epoxy over Self Etch Primer

    Ok guys, please be easy on me. I did some work on one of my cars a year ago and put an acid etch primer on a fender. It is all over the entire fender, inside and outside. Here's the question, what should I do? I'm ready to do body work, but I like the epoxy that I've put on the other parts so much I really want to use it, but I really don't want to have to strip this fender again. If I have to strip, I will, I just wanted to know my options. Thank You!


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    Here's a link on this topic:

    Always best to apply epoxy directly to the bare metal. However I had a similar situation where etch primer was used and then left. It was well cured so I just scuffed it up with a red scotchbrite pad, wiped it down and sprayed 2 coats of unreduced SPI epoxy primer. Never had an issue.
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      Epoxy works pretty good over Acid etch as the epoxy does not tend to melt the etch like, say a 2k primer would, only issue will be is the etch is the weakest link but normally OK, if done this way.

      Just make sure you shoot the first coat of epoxy with NO reducer, just 1:1 with activator.
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        please keep in mind that if you are doing bodywork and there is a cut through in the epoxy you cant apply filler. no filler can be touching etch primer.
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          That would almost be more work than just taking it off.