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2.1 HS vs Euro

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  • 2.1 HS vs Euro

    What are the differences? Can 2.1 HS be reduced like Euro?
    Although its not much, but what makes the diff in price?

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    SPI Euro Clear / SPI 2100 Clear

    2.1 HS is no longer available.

    Over the last two years I had fine tuned the activators so many times to please, temp ranges from Canada to Chile, that it reached the point, it needed to be scraped and started fresh.

    The other mistake i made with first round is making it a HS, production or spot repair clears are not HS, usually lower part of the medium range and that was one of the things working against me was the about of solids and trying to make it do what a lower solids clear would do.

    New 2100 is a high medium solid range but the range of activators will make it work from 20-40 deg (slowly) to over 115, seems to be very user friendly and so far only one report of a small solvent pop in one spot on an allover but slow activator was used at around 80 deg and only a problem in one small spot of an overlap.
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