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Which clear to use for final coat in spray booth

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  • Which clear to use for final coat in spray booth

    I have been painting my T/A panel by panel and have been using universal clear and diamont base. I am getting close to reassembling the car and my plan is to wetsand the clear to remove any dirt/dust, imperfections. Then bring it to the dealership I work at and have one of the painters spray 2 slick coats of clear in a nice downdraft booth To really get a glass like finish. Would I be best to stick with the universal or would I get better results with a different SPI clear. Our paint booths have all the heat ventelation etc and what com out of them is as clean as I have seen, almost zero trash.
    We use lesenal products at the dealership but I would like to stick with SPI, I am just not sure what the best product would be for my application.

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    Your fine sticking with the universal but in a high flow booth you will need to go slower on the cat. I would probably use slow or even very slow.
    all spi gallery:


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      Thanks Jim, I've been reading where the universal is a little slower to flow out than most clears and wasnt sure if it would be appropriate. In a controlled environment like a booth would the very slow provide the slickest finish. Also all I have sprayed for the most part is SPI clear. Is there anything that my painter would notice in regards to the way the UV clear flows as compared to the Lesonal he is use to spraying every day.


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        Which lesonal clear? Lesonal Universal will spray a bit thicker than spi universal. IMO the lesonal doesn't flow very much or at all....but i've only used the universal. I know they have a pro-air that is "designed" for downdraft booths..never used it though. I would definately go with the very slow for the spi. Last all over i did i used slow and while did the job, the very slow would have been better. Was about 90 in the booth. Extra slow spi would be about the same as the lesonal slow as IMO spi clears are a bit on the fast side (which isn't not having to bake as much!).


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          I've sprayed the Lesinol Universal and it is a little higher solids than SPI universal. Your painter is going to like how nice the SPI sprays and flows, definately use the slow cat and set the booth spray temp at 75ish. Being that this is a flow coat application over sanded clear it will flow out like glass without having to hammer it on and it'll have really good gloss retention. Let it kick for awhile before putting any heat to it or better yet just let it air dry overnight before pulling it out.