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    Packing peanuts ban 2019

    Col. Blanton would disagree.
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    Wandabase substrate prep.

    I'd say prep it for epoxy sealer and know you have a perfect substrate and go for it.
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    2K Prime not bonding to 1 piece

    Why not strip that thing to metal? It doesn't look that big. Might be worth it.
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    Primer issues

    No idea. I think his post said he used sealer and waited 30 min before basing. It looks like he has been a user since 2017. So, he isn't new to the product line.
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    Primer issues

    Here is his response to more info needed.
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    Primer issues

    Someone on the Facebook page is saying they're having adhesion issues with base on the 2k primer. Says the base is peeling off. He said he followed mix ratios and flash times as suggested. There's a lot of unknowns but where would you start looking?
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    You put it outside a couple days,then sand,then let it sit out a few more. The sanding will allow the solvents to escape gooder.
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    Abrasive equivalent to scuffing for paint?

    I heard some place that the white have soap added to make them good for cleaning.
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    My SPI bedliner stash is gone

    Got us wondering about the new clear!
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    The Sun

    It's all good. Going to be a 60 difference between Wednesdays high (-11) and Sunday's high (50's). That's shorts weather.
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    The Sun

    Trying to free up your time to make room for my questions.
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    The Sun

    The air temp is about -10. Thermometer reads 52. That's why Barry encourages you to put your work in the Sun for even a day to really make a big difference.
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    curing lamp

    But, there are several types of lamps with varying wattages. I have a couple 1k watt and a couple 1600w. Shops usually have units with two or more heads putting out a lot more power. I try to get the panel up to 110-120 deg for 15 min whether it's the med or short wave.
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    Just a reminder on material temperature.

    This works well to heat product up quickly.
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    Just a reminder on material temperature.

    An old refrigerator with an incandescent bulb is often mentioned as an option.