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    Duratec primers- Vinyl Ester Resin type

    Just a follow up on this product-test panels. Very tough stuff-way stronger than typical polyester primers. 100% waterproof. Stability is excellent. Heat distortion appears to be none. And it bonds to SPI epoxy the same as regular polyester primers. I did do some direct to metal test panels at...
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    Cleaning Under Floor (NOT Blasted) For Epoxy Prime

    reducing the epoxy helps to get it on smooth, you can clear over the epoxy but do a test panel to confirm that is the look you are after
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    How much body flex in a 57 chev 2dr hardtop?

    The trunk floor is original, the whole back half is. I'll post up some pics
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    Atomization problem it appears, does it look like this on the first coat of clear? 2nd? 3rd? Sealer and base going on smooth? Each coat of product needs to go on smooth or you just end up with texture stack up-there is no way of flowing out any texture issues on the end coats with today's...
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    black epoxy instead of SEM interior paint

    It will work fine, just remember scratch resistance isn't at it's maximum until full cure-weeks. And since Barry added UV protectors in the epoxy it should last quite awhile.
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    How much body flex in a 57 chev 2dr hardtop?

    There's a 57 chev hardtop I will be painting, the owner pulled the body off of the frame without adding any bracing. Just curous if anyone here has been in this situation and what they've run into as far as distortions etc... I'm sure it was lifted from both ends when it came off, he had the...
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    Evercoat Polyflex over epoxy.

    yup epoxy to sanded and properly cleaned urethane works excellent, do your cosmetic repair fills with polyester based materials on the epoxy, final prime with epoxy and you have a bulletproof foundation for your paint. Excellent flexibility and stone chip resistance!
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    Why do we activate base coat?

    so it crosslinks with the clear
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    Wanda base.

    The best way to paint the blue to have all the parts match along with the two tone line is to shoot the blue while it's assembled. You can pull it back apart to apply the clear if you don't feel like dealing with masking. Intercoat clear can be shot over the base for a little protection and...
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    Duratec primers- Vinyl Ester Resin type

    I might give it a try, I don't care if it sands hard if the the product is is superior to regular poly, still start and finish with epoxy though.
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    Duratec primers- Vinyl Ester Resin type

    I've heard it's tough stuff and very stable. A friend of mine said these guys are using it: https://www.instagram.com/tylerkrauseinc/?hl=en
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    Duratec primers- Vinyl Ester Resin type

    Has anyone here used any duratec primers? Any good? I see they offer three different polyesters and a vinyl ester resin type. Curious on the vinyl ester resin.
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    Question about sanding/coating 2K primer surfacer

    do all your blocking, let the panels sit as long as you want... when you are ready to paint give all of them a light scuff with a scotchbrite-it takes only minutes, shoot a thin sealer coat of epoxy and then your paint.
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    To clear or not to clear.....

    I'd just spend some time with a buffer and some polish, then hit it with some good wax for now. Prepping that singlestage metalic enamel with enough scuff for good clear adhesion would ruin it I think.
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    UC over Epoxy Primer

    I would scuff it with a scotchbrite and shoot a fresh coat of epoxy, wait an hour then clear it