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    How much body flex in a 57 chev 2dr hardtop?

    There's a 57 chev hardtop I will be painting, the owner pulled the body off of the frame without adding any bracing. Just curous if anyone here has been in this situation and what they've run into as far as distortions etc... I'm sure it was lifted from both ends when it came off, he had the...
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    Duratec primers- Vinyl Ester Resin type

    Has anyone here used any duratec primers? Any good? I see they offer three different polyesters and a vinyl ester resin type. Curious on the vinyl ester resin.
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    guidecoating your clear

    Awhile back there were some good discussions on blocking clear for that perfectly flat finish and the topic of guidecoating came up... if I remember right a person posted a paint or a link to a tint or paint they use in water to spray for guidecoat use during the color sanding process. Anybody...
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    Colorsanding paper

    Indasia gets my vote for colorsanding paper, The grit is uniform and I proved it to myself again this week that it outperforms 3m, Nikkens, and Norton. Cuts quicker, lasts longer, and priced right.
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    spraying white-snow blind

    Does anyone here wear polarized sunglasses when spraying white to fight the snow blind affect?
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    what is it?

    The GM cars of the 60's had a textured interior paint that was used on the tops of the dash and also below the rear window, Non Glare I guess. It has a light pebbly texture similar to Mopar Organisol paint. The paint is available through a few suppliers and it's lacquer based. My question is...
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    Cavity Wax

    On restorations, when you are done with the paintwork on the vehicle's underside or similar areas it's a good idea as a last step to spray cavity wax into all the boxed areas and seams. You can spend all the time in the world removing corrosion from the exterior areas and still have corrosion...
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    69 GM polyester or epoxy resin?

    What type of resin was G.M. using for fiberglass reinforced molded parts back in 69? I've got some very rare pontiac parts to work on and I'm looking for a definitive answer if anyone knows. One part has a hack job repair that was done back in the 70's with only bondo that actually has held up...
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    Ford is now stating in their repair procedures for the all aluminum F150 that epoxy primer should be used under bodyfillers.
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    Roberlo fillers-anyone here using this brand?

    Many of the local shops here have switched over to a filler called Roberlo, I picked up a can today, so far it seems to be nice stuff. Speads nice and easy sanding. Also noted on the can for best corrosion resistance apply over epoxy primer. Is anyone else here using it...
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    PHIX corrosion treatment-tests

    Has anyone here used PHIX corrosion treatment under SPI epoxy?? I sprayed some test panels and will post the results. The product looks promising in that it fends off corrosion while project cars are in bare metal, removes rust, and supposedly increases primer adhesion. I'll post up some test...
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    Bedliner over fresh UV clear within 24hrs, scuff needed???

    When spraying liner over fresh UV clear can it be applied without the need for scuffing and what would the application window be?
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    epoxy benefits

    I use SPI epoxy religiously under surfacers and body fillers and have spoken out in a few posts about bend/flexibility tests. Here is a good example. This sample is two coats of SPI epoxy, three coats of slick sand polyester primer, epoxy sealer, three coats of base, and 4 coats of UV clear...
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    Body Solder supplier

    I got tired of paying $12.64/lb/stick from my local supplier and ordered some from this place:http://www.rotometals.com/product-p/solder3070.htm The $7.79 price is good, shipping was free for orders over $99 and the bars arrived in three days-service quality is good.
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    Why you should use a sealer

    If I can post this video correctly it's a perfect example of why a sealer should be used. This car was painted in all HOK products, blue metallic base with violet candy and clear and the painter did not use a sealer, it's a mess... I should have scratched in up and ran it through a high...
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    AMD vs. Goodmark

    I got two Nova quarters in today, Rt side is AMD and the Left is Goodmark, AMD is out of stock on the left and has no expected date for new stock. I had a good chance to look over the differences. First time I've used AMD. Panel thickness difference is big, Goodmark measured .039" and AMD is...
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    Cleaning for solder

    In the past I've had difficulty cleaning tight nooks and crannies when prepping areas for body solder, a spot blaster has worked fine to clean the areas where a wire wheel or sanding won't reach, no problems to date but now I question if this is a best practice considering the issues people have...
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    Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals

    Is anyone is going to the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals this weekend? http://www.mcacn.com/features.htm I put a lot of hours into a blue 68Z that will be there, check it out if you have time.
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    Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father's Day!
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    A few how to plastic repair links

    http://www.urethanesupply.com/videos.php http://www.youtube.com/user/statefarm/videos?query=plastic http://www.lord.com/products-and-solutions/adhesives/repair-procedures.xml http://3mcollision.com/how-to/body-department http://www.semproducts.com/training/training-videos/