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  1. J

    an apology

  2. Chris_Hamilton

    an apology

    ...much risk. The real risk comes from doing it day in/ day out/ painting thousands of cars like Shine, myself and others. I was fortunate in that lead was pretty much on it's way out when I started. Shine probably did several thousand cars with lead paint. Painting in a properly vented booth...
  3. John Long

    Fixed a little rust

    I am no expert. I’m sure others here can tell you more. It is my understanding that the ISO's build up in the body similar to lead or mercury. At a certain point, when you are exposed to them it causes a serious reaction that in some cases can be fatal. It can be nasty stuff for some people...
  4. C

    HoldTight for auto body metal

    ...leave a residual film? How to rinse or neutralize? Seeing how the Dustless Blasting craze has started individual technical developments will lead the way. Also highly noted is the standard dry method of removal of rust, has anyone used this product in automotive to slow or stop the flash...
  5. L

    What happened??

    After 4 years and still smells like that, that sounds like improperly mixed catalyst in the clear leading to it never actually curing (drying, but not during). Improperly cleaned, sanded or sealed would lead to poor adhesion, but those things wouldn't leave the clear smelling like solvent.
  6. sprint_9

    1964 Chevy C10

    ...sun and it does stand out. I really liked it, had I seen that a couple years ago I would have had a harder choice to make between that and grabber blue. Ive been meaning to do an update but have been busy, big snow storm coming in the next couple days so that should lead to some time to update.
  7. BrianK

    Tinted Windows

    ...panels with a towel on top to absorb the chemicals. many film strippers can discolor carpets and leather as well as dry out plastic and lead to cracking down the road. for the areas that you cannot easily access with a razor blade you can use #0000 steel wool, just test it for fine...
  8. NextGen Classics

    1967 mustang fastback

    ...was different. Needless to say I was sick! Long story short I found a donor fast back and used the quarter from just under the bodyline to the lead seam (the only good part of the car luckily) When I redid it I also did the Shelby conversion to it. Because there were so many things wrong...
  9. '68 Coronet R/T

    1968 Plymouth GTX

    Make sure to post some pictures when you get it painted.
  10. T

    1968 Plymouth GTX

    ...Also had patches put in around bottom of windshield. This car had been sitting a long time unprotected and was also drag raced with a big lead acid battery in the trunk, which probably didn't help. Pretty rare car, and right now is sitting at owners house with all bodywork done in epoxy...
  11. '68 Coronet R/T

    1968 Plymouth GTX

    ...panel has had work done on it: Common problem I find when working on these older cars is rust under the filler: Some brazing work done on the left Sail Panel: Removed the rest of the lead from the roof skin seams: Next up is drilling spot welds until I can't stand it any longer. LOL
  12. O

    Using Kitty or Tiger Hair to Fill/Bridge Cancered Area ??????

    If you are dead set on not replacing the metal and not using lead then I'd probably clean the area up and panel bond that bitch front and back, then smooth it out with a filler. Most panel bonds are epoxy based I believe.
  13. M

    Looking for critiques/advice on my home air setup

    ...or back to the compressor where I can drain the water from the bottom of the tank. I still need to install the filter/regulator assembly and the lead-in line, but I drew the former into this photo for reference. I am going to run a water separator -> regulator -> motorguard m60 filter and...
  14. D


    If so follow the ground lead into the case and look for two terminals with wing nuts above drive roll and change it there. Electrode + ground - for reverse polarity
  15. shine

    Using Kitty or Tiger Hair to Fill/Bridge Cancered Area ??????

    you can clean up the area and lead it in.
  16. anotheridiot

    Harder body filler for metal.

    ...forming, just let it set up and start working it. The longer you wait the harder it is to deal with. We used to have a guy come in to patch our lead lined anodize tanks, the tiny little torches he kept in his pocket did such beautiful work. McMaster Carr still sells bar solder for 25 bucks...
  17. C

    Harder body filler for metal.

    Live it up and order the DVD for a New Years gift, if you plan on using SA for lead work.
  18. S

    Stumped On A Clear Coat Defect

    ...happening so quickly I originally thought I was getting trashin the coating. It’s only when I sanded it that I saw nearly perfect circles that lead me away from thinking trash. The desiccant is fresh out of a sealed graco bulk container. Operating on the guess of solvent pop, what...
  19. C

    Harder body filler for metal.

    Kent uses Sal Ammoniac for flux, but I don't know anything about it. I neutralize after tinning, and do a phosphoric acid cleaning after filing the lead. The way Kent demonstrates it, Sal Ammoniac seems like a better flux than anything I have used.
  20. Jim C

    Harder body filler for metal.

    i have never done lead work on a car but have done a crap load of soldering over the years. most fluxes are an acid of some sort which is probably why neutralizing or removing it from the metal is recommended.