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1968 C15


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Had a great day Saturday. We set the cab, doors, fenders, inner fenders, and grille. Then we installed the door weatherstripping, dash pad, some sound deadening on the back of the cab, front brake cable, wiper motor, and mocked up the seats. The factory sheet metal comes together quite well and while the body gaps aren't perfect, they were far from perfect from the factory. I was happy that the cab mounts that I picked out ended up putting the cab in the right spot so everything to the front lined up. I only ended up putting one shim on each side for the fenders.

I won't have much eye candy for awhile since I won't be doing more bodywork until spring (hood and bed assembly), but at this point I'm just excited to start wiring and get it running in the next couple months.

IMG_6819.JPG IMG_6823.JPG IMG_6824.JPG IMG_6825.JPG IMG_6826.JPG IMG_6832.JPG IMG_6833.JPG IMG_6834.JPG


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Thanks Leonard.

I had the day off yesterday and got most of the sound system done. We built a custom subwoofer/rear speaker enclosure that also stores the amp. I bought shallow subs and wrapped the enclosure in vinyl and hooked up the Alpine unit and everything worked! Just have to install front speakers now and the sound system will be done.

IMG_7200[1].JPG IMG_7201[1].JPG IMG_7202[1].JPG IMG_7203[1].JPG IMG_7204[1].JPG


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Every time I see your radio I wish I would have done the same with mine.

Front end looks great.
Thanks. It's the stock grille and headlight bezels, new headlights, marker lights, and bumper. The grille isn't perfect, but it polished up really well and I didn't expect that an aftermarket grille would fit as well.