Any solvent based paints allowed in CA??


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Yes, a lot more low VOC base sold than water the last report I saw a year ago.
Moto base LV and metalux are big ones.
Matrix was a big one but been hearing things, so dont know.


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I have several years experience with Cromax Mosaic which is a 50 state legal solvent based basecoat and I have nothing but positive things to say about it. You can get it at most Axalta/Cromax Jobbers. Definitely in Cali. Best thing you can do is check with your local jobbers about what solvent based basecoat options they have. BASF Diamont, Sikkens, Axalta, PPG, among others, all will have something.

As for SPI I believe that sells low VOC reducers that would make the SPI basecoats legal in California. Text Barry or call SPI and they can tell you.
Thanks 4 the info!!! I haven't painted in years, everything has changed out here. I picked up my clear in reno a couple weeks ago bcuz it wasn't aloud in CA any more, the local paint shop showed me some water base that looked like redish white Elmer's glue, I dont want 2 try anything new, thanks again