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Spray Chrome

I have been looking into this as an option to sending everything out to a shop.
Can anyone with experience with these products recommend one?
Alsa and PC chrome seem to be the most popular.
the alsa mirra chrome that has been out for years will never pass for chrome. its like a hazy polished aluminum. the other products like alsa chrome fx and many others where you go through different steps and washes than its coated with silver nitrate.....those look much more believable but still wont pass for the real thing when you look at it closely. the coating is only as smooth as your base so the chrome has a orange peel look to it. the chrome fx is fine for custom painting and putting a candy over, etc. it will work great for that but for it to pass as the real thing on say a bumper for a nice resto....no. its less time to have it chromed for real. it wont save any $ either.
I am searching too. Found machines in Germany for 1200, a kit in mexico. My regular customer wants to do rings for the security cameras at casinos.

Last night I found a place 10 miles away from me, called angel gilding, hopefully going to see her today.


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I have been thinking about this also for the side exhaust covers on my '71 vette. Being as it's in a high traffic area below the doors, I'm concerned about it looking pretty ratty in short order. Covers are fiberglass repros. Originals are polished aluminum. I'm thinking they're going to need to be epoxy for durability.
I looking at trying to repair this tailpanel from my '68 GTX. Used ones that have been rechromed (triple chrome plated???) are running $800 and don't even look that good. I will have to sand down and fill pits (which I need to learn the proper technique for) and then apply the chrome.

Personally, I don't remember these being brilliant chrome to start with, more of a silver metallic look but then I could be mistaken.

yes i dont think that is chromed. its like slofut said. in that case the alsa mirrachrome would be a good match to the factory look.
well, angel gilding update, still have gotten nothing to work. There must be a reason they have no videos over clear coated metal. Still have a mexico source I was looking at, but so far, its ugly and have not gotten one part to cover completely.


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That piece does not look like chrome when new. The closest thing I've seen is to strip the anodize, polish the aluminum and clearcoat with either satin or gloss clear. I think Caswell has easy to get chemical to strip anodize.
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