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My local paint supplier has cases "4 - 3 liter cans" of Upol rapid cure "marsilla body filler FOR $56.00, I bought a case today and was wandering how long this filler would store? I would like to have more if it would be good for a few years but don't want to buy it if it will go bad pretty fast, Any of you guys have some input on the filler and how long it could be stored?


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Going back years ago the VP of daynaron (BIG AL)
Told me fillers start going bad the day they are made and never buy old batches.
BUT things change so I don't know the answer intoday's world.
May not be able to polish an actual turd, but you can put back some shine on a real piece of crap vehicle. My favorite trick for a real turd of a vehicle though is to buff about a 1 foot round area in the middle of it;;;;;;;; now ya got a shinning spot on a turd. Yea, I know , that's kinda mean,,,, but funny.:p
Guess it can't be a shit turd. :confused: Actually there is a material used in knife handles made from horse poop and resin, saw it on forged & fire. If you add resin to it , you can polish.
Well, so much for talking about body filler.:p


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I've used polyester fiberglass resin to rejuvenate old filler but I def don't recommend it. Too much work to fix it if it goes bad on the panel. If it's old enough to be dry you prob don't want to use it.