UreKem/The Coatings Store


They sell tinted sealers too, I like their metallic, but you can always mix some base in the sealer to start the color train. But my belief is always to put the money in the clear.

Its not garbage paint by any stretch, they could use a little more label on their grease and wax remover, and I loved their old candy concentrates. It was in a plastic jug that had an ounce cup molded at the cap. They went to the tin can like house of kolor.
I went to the website. I'm going to try the silver and gold sealers. I spray a few candies and I have tried the ones from HOK.
It will save you some paint and they have alot of choices now. Still can always tip some base in your sealer to possibly save a coat, just seems better to get it premixed. The metallic silver is really heavy, no real flake appearance, just heavy uniform silver.

Those little jugs were nice for mixing candies. Maybe they break easily in shipping, I dont know.