Wet Sand or Dry Sand

El Toro

I know we all have discussed this in the past but things always improve and change . What are you collision guys doing before paint dry or wet sanding on the every day collision work just curious. thanks
Collision work , filler or glaze finish with 180 dry,after priming, block with 320 dry, finish with 600 wet. Any blend areas I'll go over with 800 wet then gray scotch brite and scuff stuff. Sometimes if I know it doesn't need much blocking I'll go 400 wet (instead of 320 dry) then 600 wet.
Wet sanding is more aggressive because the paper stays clean. So, a 400 wet is like a 320 dry. Plus, it's easier to think you need to press down with wet sanding because you don't get visual cue of falling dust. At least, that's true for me.