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Thread: Euro Clear

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    Quote Originally Posted by '68 Coronet R/T View Post
    MS and Production so far. I have a gallon of UV and 4 quarts of activator in the cabinet just haven't had the right "project" yet.
    I applied the Euro mixed 4:1 and it was laid it on wet. Only had one sag but that was because I stumbled a bit and paused the gun in one spot.
    Added a third coat after the pics but probably didn't really need it.
    Yeah, you definitely didn't need a third spraying it 4:1 with no reducer. Looks great. Should have plenty of clear on car if you decide to sand and buff. Just don't wait too long.

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    i second the dont wait too long.

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    I cleared a GTO hood last week (10 days ago) with 3 coats of Euro 2020 4:1:1. How long is too long before polishing?

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    The last job i did with 5000 at 4:1:1 with slow activator and very slow reducer. It sat atleast 2 weeks and buffed out fine. Nothing like universal...but wasn't like concrete. I think the key is the slowest you can go with it and I finish everything out with 3000.

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    Some additional info on the 5000 Euro, from when the new fast and slow activators were introduced:

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