Adhesion Over OEM Paint


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I'm repainting a Kia daily driver and have gotten to the plastic parts. I cut a sliver off and it floats in water, so I'm planning to spray adpro over the bare plastic parts and then epoxy primer over that. My question is, if the paint underneath is in good condition, will spraying adpro over the paint, cause problems? If it does cause problems, how soon would they appear? I have attached a couple pictures of the current state of the paint and it feathers out pretty well when sanded. Thanks for any feedback you can give.


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Just avoid spraying large areas of existing paint with adpro. My understanding is that it doesn't help adhesion there, and can actually reduce adhesion by a small amount. Not enough to worry about, but there's no point in wasting the adpro in areas where it won't help.

We've gotten adpro on small areas of paint adjacent to repairs for many years and haven't done any comebacks, so it's not a major concern.


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I guess my understanding is paint can adhere to other paint, but paint doesn't like to stick to certain plastics. So if plastic already has paint, it wouldn't need adhesion promotor. Would like confirmation on that.