Carbon Fiber overlay..


Garage hack at night.....
So I want to over lay a piece of carbon onto a part, and the base color had to be black. Would it be better to just lay a few coats of black epoxy down, then sand it it and resin the carbon down or should I black base/clear it and prep that surface.

I feel like epoxy would be the best bet on this but just wanted to ask incase anyone has ever done this before.


Garage hack at night.....
I think I'm just going to bodywork and shoot some black epoxy, let it sit for a week block it and lay the carbon matt down.

It's basically to replace this piece that was purchased for $2000 that is an absolute piece of shit.


Jim C

well what you will need to do is after layup and the epoxy tacks up a bit but not full cure, coat it again in the ws epoxy. you may need to do this a couple times to fill in pin holes, carbon texture and give you enough build over the carbon to block on then clearcoat it.


Garage hack at night.....
Ya, that was the plan just so I had some material to sand and not dig into the carbon when sanding for clear.

Ill be sure to post some pics of this disaster when I get to it!


evil painter
Been wanting to try cf overlay for years. One rep at an online supply company actually recommended their crystal clear surfboard resin over epoxy for high heat under hood areas where I was first wanting to try out. Flood coating with the boat stuff as Jim said, then switching to automotive clear for ease of sanding & buffing is what I've seen others do.
I definitely would consider black epoxy a better base to start than paint.
One of my concerns with overlaying is how hard is it to make the cf lay down particularly around compound curve areas and stay down till it tacks up enough.