Cutting: Plug, Mold, or Part


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Hi, I've created a 2'x2'x6' plug from pink insulation foam board finished with drywall filler and paint. I want the final product to be made up of 6 panels that bolt together. Each part will be made in a one piece mold.

I'm planning on cutting the plug into 6 pieces, refinishing the mating surfaces so they all flow together, and then taking a mold from each piece. From those 6 molds I will make the pieces that bolt together to creat the final product.

I assume this is better than making one mold and cutting/refinishing it into 6 pieces, or casting one piece from a one piece mold and cutting/refinishing each piece, and then creating the 6 molds from that? Wanted to run this by people with more experience in case I'm missing something. (I do not want a multi-piece mold casting one complete finished piece).

im trying to envision what your doing and i think i understand what your trying to do. the answer really depends on the parts your trying to make i think but at least from what i have in my head of what your trying to do i would say make your mold and lay up the 6 pieces then assemble. pictures of the plug and maybe a drawing or picture of what the final parts is supposed to look like would really help here