JC Daniel

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I have been using Euro 2020 for all over jobs and was thinking of giving production clear a shot, If I have a vehicle that I have sprayed with Euro can I spray production clear on that vehicle without being able to tell the difference? Which is easier to spray? I would like to be able to spray a slicker finish than I have been getting with Euro. Any help is appreciated.


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My experience Euro by far is easier to spray. Production sprays more like Universal. Euro lays out really well.
Others experience may differ though.

El Toro

I spray Euro on everything from used car mirror to a restoration and have learned to make this clear work and lay out how I want it to. Will say the the few times I did use production clear on a few bumper covers it worked great. So a hard choice and everyone sprays different.
I am a big fan of Euro Clear. For me it goes on easy, looks great and after a few days is extremely scratch resistant.
For driver quality jobs, I shoot 3 coats and if necessary cut and buff. For show cars, it's 3 coats, block sand flat and then 2-3 more coats.


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I really like production clear. Last car I had. I used production on everything that wasn't on the outside of the car. My 15yr old son (at the time) sprayed it and even he was able to slick it out