Garage heat


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That's when it bites to fill a tank and it's almost a grand. I try to not let mine go below 20% but also try and fill in the off season. Getting it from a primary distributor helps too.

I’m only using it to heat my shop so it’s not too bad. 50 degrees over night, 60 during the day. Use a fair bit when I’m painting, I open the shop door when the fan is on and heat the shop to 70.

It’s pretty reasonable here as well. Esp if you own your own tank and can shop around. There’s a couple places that are very reasonable. Much cheaper than heating oil. For now lol.
These are our backups on LP gas for manufacturing and storage.
I think about around 120 to 140,000 BTUs.
The Bryant cost me around 450. And the goodman about 700 as bought them from alpine air, and they were dented.
Note the bucket of water as mentioned.
Yeah that’s pretty much what I’m looking to do Barry. Good prices! Alpine air is actually who I’m looking to deal with. Seems like a good company. That first heater you posted would prob burn my hair off…only have 8ft ceilings.


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Take a retired hvac guy's advice and forget about the 90% unit and get the best furnace still using a standard B vent pipe. Most are available with 2 stage heating. Basically the Same unit minus the secondary heat exchanger.
Because you're only gaining "maybe" 6-8% effency and trust me. The life expectancy of a 90 vs an 80+ is less than Half.
The highly acidic condensate water WILL eat the secondary heat exchanger Alive.
I've dealt with these since Lennox developed the first one,the Pulse,that was a pos from it's inception,
Carrier followed and I lost count of how many I've replaced with rotted secondaries. Even if it's installed correctly, the water stands inside and slowly dissolves everything but what's stainless or plastic. Aluminized steel was the first to go and a lot is used in their construction.
If I lived up North with excessively long,hard Winters, probably would have one and replace it when the parts 10 yr. warranty expired . Or the pvc vent is a better option. Just saying.


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new pics 053.jpg
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This was still in 10 year warranty. Upflow,installed correctly,and was cheaper to replace it with a new unit because entire furnace has to be taken apart. Nothing left except the sheet metal outer housing. That warranty doesn't cover Labor........


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Your ok with what you want to do really. For what you're doing and unless the garage IS your shop and your expectations are All the above, then you have ideas what you can do. Good and bad.
Should clear it up, mostly.