General questions about what to spray metallic's basecoat over? Hobbyist level


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I probably worded my question poorly and I apologize.
I realize light color base over light color primer and the reverse, dark over dark for the best results.
The color choices are mesmerizing these days to say the least a lot of the attractive colors (to me) involve multiple stages of underbase (silver for example), intermediate tinted clear, ect, ect. I think I saw the Mazda "Soul Red" requires 4 stages:eek:. I understand to match the factory finish these stages are absolutely mandatory. For me, all these stages are multiple chances to goof up. I'm painting a '70 Cutlass and just want it to look go.

Basically, if a silver undercoat is called for (factory) can one just shoot the base over grey primer?
I'm answering my own question here but, I saw an 60's pickup painted a Porsche "Sail Blue" over grey primer and although it was poorly executed, the color looked really good. Chad's said that color requires a silver underbase. On the HAMB a fellow just painted a '49 Buick "Viper Blue Pearlcoat" apparently over grey primer and it looks amazing.

Any opinions or guidance will be appreciated. K. Lee
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