Has anyone removed one of these truck door skins?

I'd cut a section of the inner door panel out to gain access to the outer door skin. Then reweld it back in after the outer door skin was repaired. I'm assuming the inner door has a door panel that would hide the welds so you don't have to dress the welds to perfection.
Sort of related. I came across this interesting post on FB. It’s a common problem that replacement doors fit poorly on these trucks. It seems the factory fit the cabs to the doors on the assembly line. The rocker and step was welded in after all the door gaps were good.
Well this is what I ended up with. My rattle can patina needs some work but at least it’s not bugging me every time I walk by. I think I met my goal of better but not perfect. Still need to repair the other door bottom and the cab corners. I’ll squeeze it in between customer jobs over time.