Orbital Dynabrade Combo Set


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I found what looks like a good deal on the X-31 and the X61H - $315.27. free ship but plus tax... Like most sites these days.

3/16 orbit but Hook & Loop pads. How negative does group feel about the H&L?

I went ahead and purchased. Let me know if I need to return them! :)




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Well you just need to change the pad to the sandpaper you want to use if it's not hook and loop. Pads are not super expensive. I never wanted to pay the price premium for velcro, and I am a dinosaur, so I have just "stuck" with sticky.


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Whatever works.
I prefer sticky for early grunt work grits up to 320 and h&l after. The Interface pad is a must have.
3M kinda screwed me years back when They switched to opposite sides with Hookit and Hookit 2.
Wasn't too happy about that but you can apply your own 'style' Velcro to a regular sticky pad and fix that wagon.
I have 2 rda's. 1 for grunt and 1 for finishing. Last thing you need is 80gt falling out of some hidden spot.


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I have an old Snap-On PS100 (best true DA ever made IMO) that I use for 80 PSA. I have Hookit pads on two other RO's for 180 up.

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funny i almost never use stickit paper. i still have some rolls here that are over 20 years old that just never get touched. only thing psa i use is the rolls for blocks.


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Thank you all for the feedback. I apologize for taking so long to follow up. Work and life have been extra complicated this week.

For some reason, I thought I had read there was a dislike, aside from price, of using Hookit system. I've used it woodworking and like the ability to swap around.

I was thinking the PSA made for flatter/straighter sanding. Sounds like that's not a big deal or maybe even correct.

Side note - received the sanders, they look very nice. National tool shipped pretty quick!

Thank you again! More questions to come, I'm sure.


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Psa paper is cheaper to buy but when you get into the med to fine grits will clog up faster than hookit so the cost difference is a wash imo. It will cut flatter though since you dont have the slight cushion of the velcro. Its really splitting hairs though.