Painting stripes


Mad Scientist
I know it's a bit of an old post, but I did this exact thing to my 67 Mustang. Painted it a metallic blue (GTS Viper blue) and then taped off and painted SPI white strips over it. No intercoat.

I'd like to go on the record and say the SPI white base covered my blue in two coats. I did a third coat of white just to be safe and because I had plenty of material.

The car has 4 coats of Universal clear as well. You don't get a lot of a 'raise' at the strips because the clear bridges it and really smooths it out. I just kept off that area when sanding and buffing so I didn't break through.

People who think it's ok to touch my car really get fooled because they rub that transition with their fingers and always seem surprised when it's smooth.