question for waterborne users

Jim C

so for those of you that use waterborne base, do you know if you are able to mix solvent base with water in the same paintjob. so for instance you use solvent base to get a base color down, let that flash then go over that with waterborne to do a 2nd step, pearl, etc. It could be the other way also, maybe a waterborne base color then go over with solvent base. any adhesion issues? i wouln't think so since solvent clear goes over water but i want to be sure and see if someone has tried it.
idk the first thing about it Jim. but you looked lonely hangin out here by yourself so i thought id hang out too for a minute lol.
honestly, i never could wrap my head around water born auto paint.
lmao i kinda thought i might get no replies but thats ok. just thought i would throw it out there. i have never seen the tds or went to any training on waterborne but i do use sikkens autowave for some of my wood grain. would be nice if i could do the artwork over basecoat rather than spraying ss then sanding the next day. it would speed things up a bit. take a whole day of curing out of my process. i feel like it would be ok, dried solvent base, dried solvent primer or dried sanded ss. as a base color to stick to i dont think there would be much difference there and the water should stick. its really tacky stuff when its flashed. i guess ill have to do a test panel
I switched a year ago to water. I have not tried to put one over the other.

There is a YouTube collision painter that put house of color solvent over waterborne base in a candy job. His name is Kandyman.

I think when the Base is dry, it can accept any topcoat.

I'm still waiting to go for training.

How do you find the autowave? Imperium is supposed to be watered down Autowave. It will run first coat if you follow the tds and do a full first coat. I hope training will clear that up.
i thought imperium was the relabeled wanda solvent base but maybe that was the other one i am thinking of. they released imperium and another at the same time. i dont remember the name. anyway......i really cant give you much feedback on the autowave. i have never sprayed it. i am actually applying with brushes and tools to do faux woodgrain with it. i get the 666 which is the water equivalent to the spi intercoat clear. basically autowave with no pigment in it. i use that and mix in my own waterbase pigments. they are really proud of that $hit for sure. clear no pigment and still $175qt. good thing it goes a long way.
ok let me throw another waterborne question out there. since it has no solvents to really bite in, is there any adhesion advantages to throwing down a sealer coat of epoxy under the waterborne base or just go ahead and spray it down over a sanded substrate?
I've been following this discussion with interest, even though there is no waterborne mandate in my area, nor does one appear to be coming. It's still something I am curious about, and I know a few shops around here that have switched to it willingly because either the painters like it or they want to use it as a sales tool.

I'd assume a coat of sealer would at least not hurt, but then again a wet-on-wet process with 2 totally different technologies, I have no real idea.
I only have real experience with Imperium. I have done alot testing with it. It sticks to bare steel. It does stick really well to sealer.

I have changed some bumpers we previously changed. Cannot scratch it off. Their clear is pre flexed. Imperium is cheap compared to all the other waterborne.