sealant between outer wheel house and quarter panel


I'd like to install some seam sealant between the outer wheel house and the inside of the quarter panel on my '67 Camaro, without making a huge mess on the inside. I'm wondering about using some cavity wax with one of the flexible wands. Is this suitable in this application? If so, would I be best to do it after I spray the epoxy and before final paint or after final paint? I'll be using the GM spatter paint for a finish, although the trunk will be carpeted and panelled in the end. Thanks, Bill


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I spray cavity wax after the car is painted. I don’t want that stuff getting on any unpainted surfaces. I also spray the trunk drop offs and inside the quarter/jamb area.

Thanks, I hadn't thought about inside the drop downs although I did epoxy all that and the inside of the quarters before installing.