Spray gun for Metallics

JC Daniel

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I have a friend who sprays quite a bit and needs a gun for metalic's, he uses an Iwata lph 400 silver cap for color and clear and is not satisfied with the way it sprays metalic's. What set up would you guys recommend for him to buy?
Try an orange cap for the Iwata. Works very well for me.

That and use SPI slow reducer and follow Chris’ recommendations for spraying metallics.
i also have the lhp400, i have all 3 caps. supposedly the purple cap is meant for difficult metallics but i honestly couldnt tell a different between that and the orange cap. i also have a dv1 , and i can honestly say,, that the gun does all the work. it makes spraying metallics very easy and without effort. but, also have to be consistent with overlap and distance, but if anyone already has that part established, then the dv1 makes the job much easier.