Spray on tackifiers for intake filters. Are they safe to use?


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My makeshift spray booth receives air through a large furnace in an adjacent room. In addition I have a decent sized centrifugal fan after the furnace to basically supercharge what's going in to the booth with a filter box inside the booth. The volume in the air coming in is a tad more than exhaust volume going outdoors. Minimal positive booth pressure. Also the furnace has an intake filter and it plugs pretty quickly due to its small size. So I was thinking of switching it to a fiberglass Style and spraying it with a tackifier spray. Grainger has one but no TDS or SDS, I found another product online. They have a SDS sheet and the stuff contains 15% seed oils... No s#it.

Has anyone any experience with such a product? The last thing I want to do is contaminate my booth.