Turbo primer as a sealer?



i have been using the SPI Sealer as a build primer for my collision work for a few years/ like it a lot.
all in 1 set-up. mixed 4-1 i generally use 3 coats block re-do again if needed then mix 4-1-2 and seal.



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Today I used Turbo 2 k as a sealer on the inside of a 61 Chevrolet hood. Everything looked great till I hit it with the base. All the base on the sheet metal reacted & surprisingly the hood frame / thicker steel had no issue. It did lay out nice initially.


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This is a really old discussion, but I think it is safe to say that Turbo should not be used as a sealer, and you have the unfortunate evidence. The reaction you see is from the primer entering a recoat sensitivity stage. Sealers are designed to have that recoat sensitivity happen later so that they can be painted. Perhaps the thicker parts were at a different temperature and therefore weren't in the sensitivity window.