WARNING......product failure

I thought i'd add this info here instead of starting a new thread. As of Aug '23 Evercoat went to a seven digit date code instead of the old 6 digit talked about above. Ask me how I know, my new can of rage ultra came yesterday with a seven and 6 digit number printed on the bottom so looking at the 6 digit number starting with 0 I figured I got an 4 plus year old can. So I did a little research and found that they change it and the first two numbers are the year, next two are the month....
Here is the info from Evercoat. Look under "How To Read Batch Codes"
https://www.evercoat.com/technical-resources/#:~:text=(2021) (July),-catalization or over-catalization.

Good to know what I got is 4 months old
Thanks for posting the link, lots of useful information here,