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Speedokote has a fast urethane reducer they say is universal and can be mixed with almost any basecoat. So for the purpose of painting in cold temperatures, what if I mixed this with SPI base? Here's a link of painting in winter with Speedokote.


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You are probably not going to like me after I say what I'm going to say. 24 degrees and you are in a T-shirt? The water on the floor is not frozen, wouldn't it be if no heater and 24 degrees? Show me a video of what you painted 6 months down the road. Bet you won't. There is a reason why you don't paint in temps like that. And how much is that company paying you?
More YouTube disinformation IMO. Sorry but you are not going to get a lot of love on the SPI forum for this Vid.


Trying to be the best me, I can be
It may dry to the touch on the outside, but that is because the reducer is flashing so fast. It does not mean the solvent in the basecoat (for example) is all out in that 5 minute period. It is not. But it will come out eventually, which will result in massive dieback. No way around that.


hell we were below 0 here at one point up to our ass in snow. never lost power , stayed toasty warm with the wood stove .
the risk involved with cold weather painting just aren't worth it . if your set up for it ok but trying to paint in a garage in dead of winter is foolish .