1947 Biederman Truck Fender Repairs


Playing catch-up here, the inside of the crease was blocked using tape to keep the center line sharp, then brace welded in place and some epoxy touch ups done..

With the touch ups blocked, we're ready for some Epoxy/sealer, some PPG ESSS base, and my first time spraying SPI Universal... WooHoo! love this clear!!

These Ford truck hoods can be a pain to get good paint coverage inside the nose.. So a couple pieces of TIG wire from our rack to the hood brackets hold it up in the air so we can get into the nose with the spray gun..



Thought I'd do a progression of pictures to show the carnage we started with on the hood brace to where it was painted this past weekend....

Note the wings left adjacent to the weld to act as heat sinks and prevent the edge from burning back...

No Body filler, just epoxy primer, basecoat, and clearcoat. Looks almost factory!!



So every time we place the hood on my folding stand, the hood skin deflects upward at those pressure points (corners). Which means that won't work for blocking out the hood. So lets' use the same supports that the hood uses and make a blocking "stand".

Large 5/8" bolt through the hood latch hole for supporting the nose...

And going through our scrap inventory, here's some tubing we used for the back end, bolted into the hinge support. The extra "feet" help to stabilize it so the sanding effort won't try and flop it over...

With that done, all our open holes are taped over and the entire bottom side masked off to protect the inside finish..

A bit of Evercoat 416 to address some lows, and 3 coats of SPI epoxy for the next round of blocking on the outside.


Some booth clean up and fresh masking on the table, hood pre-cleaned and tacked.....

Sealed with SPI Epoxy thinned about 10%

Fleet paint that was used originally on the truck, supplied by owner. Orange peel in a can..

2 coats of color, 2 coats of SPI Universal Clear...



This past Friday night we cut and buffed the F7 hood to get rid of some dust nibs, and Saturday morning Jared and I started to reassemble the hood. The horn wiring had some dry and cracking insulation sleeving, so it was replaced as well.

John stopped by mid morning and we got all the parts put back together and adjusted. Looks much better with the hood back on, John has been driving without one for a couple months.

All ready for the Tri-state Antique Truck Show this week in Clear Brook VA..