1962 Chevy Truck SPI Dark Red

Truck came in with paint failing everywhere.
Body filler was extremely thick in places.
Stripped it to metal, replaced the rotted and rusted places and shot with SPI black epoxy.
After a few block sessions, shot the Cab with SPI Dark Red Base. Picture shows the coverage with just two coats, however I shot 3 coats.
Fast forward to this morning.
The owner stopped by so I took a couple of pictures. He absolutely loves the color and said he gets all kinds of compliments on the truck. Said at night it almost looks black.
Paint Cracking Hood Right Front 1.JPGPaint Cracking Door Passenger.JPGBed Left Wheel Arch Filler.jpgTailgate Thick Filler 1.jpgFenders Epoxy 1.JPGCab 2 coats base.JPGFinished Right Front.JPGFinished Right Rear.JPGFinished Left Rear.JPGFinished Left Front.JPG
Believe it or not, he had the previous paint job done at what he thought was a high end professional shop in California.
The front left side of the bed looked like Swiss cheese.
Bed Left Holes.jpg

The lower cab corner had a poorly done patch.
Filler Sculpting on lower cab.JPG

This was under the right door mirror and covered with filler.

Door Right Under Mirror Mount.jpg

Amazing what people will do to get a job out the door. I have found a t-shirt rolled up and stuffed in a hole with bondo over it, panels placed over rusted panels with sheet metal screws, caved in with a hammer and then filler an 1" thick to cover it up.
This on a 65 Buick Special Convertible.
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Im trying to decide between spi red and dark red for my truck,,how do you compare the dark red next to a gm victory red darker or brighter? Victory red is my current colr in my truck


I already have all of them but hard to compare from a sample they come in scratch with little scuff marks i eill buff them lol .. wil order some more