1963 Dodge Dart for the Wife....

Car looks great Jim.
We got a bunch of that white stuff here as well. Most of it melted away but still enough to remind me that I never want to move back to upstate New York!


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I love this build thread, Jim.
Snowy day up here in New York and just finished thumbing through all 33 pages again with my coffee this morning. :)


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Another SPI painted car taking a first place trophy at a local car show... I hope no one else learns my little secret to success..... Mopar LL1 Dark Turquoise Motobase from @Chad.S and 8 coats of Universal clear. Four then wet sand and four more.

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Holy gorgeous restoration Batman. Besides the outstanding craftsmanship you displayed restoring this vehicle, I'm throughly impressed with your sense of taste and style. From the colors chosen for the interior and exterior, to the tastefully done leaning tower of power slant six. Not only a car I would be proud to own but, I was lucky enough to be right there during your build.

I hope you have the desire to one day do another build. You have a talent, don't let it go to waste.