1963 Dodge Dart for the Wife....

I like Evercoat Featherfill G2 polyester primer. Some prefer Slicksand but basically it is spray on body filler and chemically sets up in about 20 minutes.
Trick is to get it out of your gun before it kicks. :oops:


Been following this thread like a kid looking thru the window of a candy store, smiling ear to ear.

I'm learning a lot from your build, thanks for sharing.


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I like Evercoat Featherfill G2 polyester primer. Some prefer Slicksand but basically it is spray on body filler and chemically sets up in about 20 minutes.
Trick is to get it out of your gun before it kicks. :oops:
So this stuff is different than SPI high build? It goes on thicker?
Yes, it is really like spray on filler. You mix the hardener into it, stir and spray it on using at least a 1.8 tip (larger is better, I had to thin with Acetone to use my 1.8). You can only mix what you can apply in less than the set up time. Absolutely have to rinse the spray gun before it sets up.
Acetone is recommended for thinning and clean up with Polyester primers.
Here's a link to check it out. I used the buff color on the car in the picture.
Not really. It's just knowing how to use it that makes things much easier. They also sell it by the quart so you could try it on a panel sometime.
That '65 Buick was the first time I used it. I sprayed the entire car with it so got lot's of practice. LOL


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For primer sanding I like to use black. You can see all imperfections and easy to see low spots. Are you gonna use epoxy as a sealer? Will it be white color as well?


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Um that sounds stressful.......
It's a similar kind of stress as trying to spread a large skim coat of poly putty on a hot day, only the poly primer gives you a nice even coat all over the panel. The drawback, which is also the drawback to any thick/multiple primer applications, is that you have to really pay attention to getting it off of panel edges, trim holes and key holes, and other places where excessive build will cause problems. Just like a coat of filler, most of the poly primer should end up on the floor when you're done sanding, only staying in the low areas. I think a lot of vehicles are done with over-applied primer that hasn't been blocked enough to fully utilize it effectively and minimize film build.


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Man what a wet winter... almost a full week of storms... They are breaking up and only spotty showers today so I dug in... cool and windy so it is a great day to sand and have mother nature remove the dust...

I blocked the RH side and took the chance on the sun and UV to set the SPI epoxy and keep the metal above 65F... when the sun was out the metal was above 70, when the clouds rolled it it dropped to 62... I thinned it 1:1:1 so it will dry very fast it has already kicked in and it dry to the touch.

Also fixed a few low spots on the hood and shot that with a sealer coat of thinned epoxy ready for high build tomorrow...

The LH side I shot with epoxy last Sunday so it got 2 coats of high build and ready for the 320 grit money blocking! I was not use to this cold weather and got it on a little heavy for as slow as it was drying to day.... a few little runs to sand out....

Was getting depressed about the trunk once I started blocking the lid..... It oil canned and I thought it was warped beyond recovery..... but I noticed that all the goop that bonds it to the bracing has broken loose so there is no support for it..... Have my questions in to the experts on the SPI forum to fix it the right way....

Also got the Motobase from Chad for the entire job. Dark Turquoise for the exterior and the white for the stripes. The light turquoise is for the interior..... It says early 60's to the max...



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Blocked out the LH side with 320 grit and it is straight. Mixed up some high build 2k and blasted the hood and RH side with several coats. Went back and put 2 coats of thinned epoxy primer over the blocked side. It just need a 400 blocking in a few weeks and that side is ready to paint!

Blocked the hood at the end of the day. Looks much better, just one spot that needs work..