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1967 BMW R69S Motorcycle tins

The tank and fenders were hand striped with paint remover. All SPI epoxy only for surfacing. SPI black base and Euro 2020 clear. The pinstripe is on the top in white One-Shot. The parts were in pretty good condition other than the mess inside the gas tank from years of sitting. Of course the key to the tool compartment on the left side of the gas tank was long gone so I had to cut the lock tab to get in, then restore it with a new lock, etc.
Have yet to see the bike so don't know what condition it is in.
IMG_1983.JPG IMG_1980.JPG IMG_1981.JPG IMG_1982.JPG
Yes Beautiful work!!! Funny I did a tank for a guy who restores old German bikes and when delivered tank he stood there and looked for seamed like an hour and then said not original look .......................never that nice from factory ! Very NICE work