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1967 mustang fastback

So I thought I would start a thread so you can follow along with this build. Here is the story, I saw this S code four speed for sale in the Autotrader in 2002 out of Florida.
I worked for a guy who bought all there used cars from Manheim so we had a semi of cars twice a week. Internet pics back then we're sketchy at best so I had my boss look at it while he was down there.

He said it was awesome and I believed him. I made a deal with the guy and we stuck it on a semi and brought it back to Wisconsin.

When we got the car back I was able to look at the floors when sitting up on the trailer and all looked pretty good. When I took it off the hauler I noticed something just wasn't right.

The previous restorer put coupe quarter panels on it! Yep the fastback bodyline from the door to under the upper vent was different. Needless to say I was sick!

Long story short I found a donor fast back and used the quarter from just under the bodyline to the lead seam (the only good part of the car luckily)

When I redid it I also did the Shelby conversion to it. Because there were so many things wrong with this thing I decided to do a basic quick resto on it so we could use the car.

While the car turned out nice it wasn't as good as I wanted it and so a complete is now underway.

Here is a pic of the car after I finished it. It won a contest in this magazine and this is the plaque they gave me.


Then the car got flipped over and I finished grinding the floor welds.Then I built some frame connectors.....somewhere along the way.
I also put in a torque box on the pass side but must not have taken a pic of it.
When I had the car on the rolling jig I replaced the cowl. The prior restorer had pulled it to replace the lower cowl and put it back on.
So I blasted the lower cowl area and put a couple heavy coats on it and installed the new cowl
I then used distilled water and Dawn dish soap with a plastic bristle brush and scrubbed the whole car.
I rinsed it with distilled water followed by isopropyl alcohol in a garden sprayer.
Then I dried it with an electric leaf blower,the next day I put on two coats of epoxy.