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1968 Mustang Coupe Restomod

I have been working on this off and on for a long time. The plans have changed many times over the last few years.

After the rust is repaired the follow modifications:

Rod & Custom coilover front and rear suspension
Flare fenders
Shelby decklid
Remove drip rails
Smooth cowl panel
9" rear from a 1963 Galaxie

What we started with

Need to replace both floor pans and the trunk floor

After the rust repair on the floors and Brian welded all the seams that were spot welded by the factory

Subframe connectors added

I was going to have the deluxe taillight panel but changed my mind.

I had already cut out the taillight area so Brian welded in new ones with studs so there would be no chrome trim.

We had a reproduction taillight panel that had to be shortened about 1/4"

Bondoking;998 said:
Coming along nicely bro.. I enjoy all your projects ;)

I have too many projects going on at once. I started working on this today and still need to post more pictures to get you up to date.
I bonded the headlight buckets to the fender so the front would have the smooth look like the rear quarters.

Rear view of the Rod & Custom rear suspension also the welded rear valance and did away with the backup lights

I decided to modify the hood and bonded in the turn signal housing but did away with the turn signals.

Picture outside the Galaxie rear is to wide.

The rear was cut to stock Mustang width

The fiberglass bumper was to wide so I cut it in three pieces and also extended the ends to tighten the gap to the quarter. Also did away with the back up lights and welded the rear valance.

The rear end housing was about 2" wider. At this time we just cut the axles since there is no rear center section. I will run stock Mustang axles with big bearings to fit the housing.
It's the new year I'm tried of not having a Mustang that I can drive so it is time to get this car running. I have gone round and round on engines and I do like FE's but I want something that I can drive and not have to stop for gas all the time. I have a 88 Mark VII that I bought new and was wrecked and has been sitting for over 3 years so we have decided to use the engine and trans in the Mustang. It needs a little cleaning.