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1969 Mustang race car that I have owned since 1970


Rusty Gillis
Mustang is back at the shop. Need to do a lot of work getting it ready to race in A/SA or B/SA. The 428 CJ will be on the dyno later this week. I painted this in 2005 using SPI clear and it has never been waxed. It has been in an enclosed trailer for 6 years in the Florida heat. I wasn't sure what to expect when we unloaded it. After washing it the paint still looks great.


Mike K

Face your Fears
You know Rusty, I am about 60 and lived the day at Carlisle Dragway with Mr.4 Speed along at Prescott with Grumpy & Bob G. match racing as a teenager. That there Sir is Fine as it gets!!!
Picked up 12 hp with Harland Sharp rockers. Peak hp was at 5850 rpm now it has 512 at 6200 and 509 at 6500. We will be testing the PI aluminum intake next.
I decided it was time to get it out of storage and start getting ready for the 50th Anniversary Cobra Jet Reunion in Norwalk Ohio August 23-26, 2018.

The wiring was done over 20 years ago and it's time to upgrade. I bought a Ron Francis race car harness and switch panel. I assembled the switch panel after supper on the kitchen table.



Top Banana
Can't believe it revs to 6200 and lives to tell about it! Stock rods & crank? Beautiful car.
I sold a cj engine 15yrs ago found in old trailer.
I knew nothing about id'ing cj's and happy moment when i learned & saw webbing for mains & extra exhaust port bolts :)


evil painter
Pretty cool Rusty. I know if you were to show up at a local Saturday night show in my area with that, it would have a crowd around it like it was just built.
Ron Francis Bare Bonz race car wiring kit.

I mounted the fuse panel on the right kick panel

Switch panel right in front of the shifter on the trans tunnel within easy reach when I have belts tight.

I bought this Q code 428 Mach 1 body that was used as a Boss 302 test car from Hubert Platt in 1970 and July 1971 turned it into a SS/GA that set the NHRA National record twice. I quit racing it at the end of the 1974 season. I painted it in my shop in 2005 close to the way it was raced in the 70's. At this time it is being updated to race in B/SA and will be at the 50th Cobra Jet Anniversary Reunion in Norwalk Ohio. This week in my spare time I sandblasted and painted the headers.

I have been working on my 1969 Cobra Jet Mustang between customer cars in my spare time getting ready for the 50th Anniversary of the Cobra Jet.

I have had a few questions about my shifter. It is a reverse pattern shifter from Turbo Action for the C4. I don't have the decal on it showing the shift pattern.

I have the wiring finished and everything works

I still have to wire the alternator and my new water pump when the engine is installed.