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1970 Ford Torino GT

Hey fellas.

New member here and I'm happy to be here, and I have a personal project that even the wife is behind me with it. I'll give a introduction and history. I figured being it is my car I'm doing, I'd try and keep all questions in this topic, so I guess the best place is in restorations? Let me know if it be wise to move this in another topic?

I found you guys thru a conversation with a Lyle on FB and the reputation of Barry that he claims. I haven't talked to Barry yet, I do plan on this when I purchase from him. I did work up a somewhat relationship at a local PPG supplier around my area and started there, with a purchase of a quart of DP90 with the DP402 for the engine bay. The cowls pushed this back and I haven't used it yet. But while talking to Lyle he explained the Spi epoxy and the cost difference, so is mostly what sparked my interest. I paid a $200 dollar bill for those 2 cans of PPG.

I have common sense and I'm ignorant at the same time lol, but not a stupid idiot, I'm a DIY guy on my vehicles, scooter and house, so not a pro. I will have a autobody language barrier to deal with, you will throw out a word/term of use to educate me and I will most likely ask again what does that mean, so apologies up front and appreciate your time with me up front as well.

My car,
Well Our car is a 1970 Torino GT, I purchased this car back in 87 with my Pop's, he found it back then and told me about it, I had a muscle car finally in my opinion with a little 302 lol.

Me and the wife were just dating back then, just kids we were. The dummy side of me sold it in 89 because I blew up the engine. I had regrets and pouted about it when ever the car was brought up since so yes this means our kids knew about the "Torino GT"

Long story short, 28 years later I looked up a 70 Torino for sale and thru all the talk back and forth, the darn car turned out to be my old Torino. The guy had plans but life took over he said, and he never even transferred the title over into his name. So, yes I purchased the rust bucket back. What does this all mean? Heck if I know, I still can't believe I have it back.

I have been doing work on it steadily since last year, mainly structural repairs right now and have been moving along. Although wish I had the time to put in 40 hours a week on it, unfortunately I mostly do weekends on it. It's been great and I have been having a much better attitude I've been told lol.

Body plans at this time.
I have the car down to it's shell, I have the front clip fixed minus the radiator support not welded back on yet. The cowl is repaired as well, this is it on repairs. I still need to hit some floors, that is going to be patching, it's minimal. I also need to patch in the trunk area, looks to be minimal.

I plan on calling Berry and let him know that I plan to blast the engine bay and undercarriage, so I can expose any more hidden issues and get all that crap off as well. Then I was wanting to shoot epoxy over it.

What I have to work in, is a 2 1/2 car garage, in my opinion nice compressor 80gl, 2-stage 5hp Quincy. For heat I have a cast iron wood burner. I can heat the garage up around 65 to 70, but no way to keep it heated over night.

First Question: Is the weather shutting me down on this blasting step and epoxy over it? Currently, It's highs of 40's here and over nights of high 20's. Winter is coming.

Thanks for any feed back, Tony
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I read the Spi epoxy sheet, in cold weather the metal must hold at least a 65degree temp.

Well, I can see if it's possible to hold that over night, I'll think on this.