2005 Toyota Camrey Doors ?

El Toro

Just did a collision repair on 2005 Toyota Camrey and replaced drivers side front and rear doors a bolt on job with a little pull to the center pillard. Problem is when I click on the key fob to lock the car the rear window moves down about 2 " and will not move at all with switch. Help! Could it be the SPI Turbo primer I used LOL
It's pretty common. Try going to the window that's the problem, use it's power window switch and lower it and hold the switch in that position for 2 seconds then raise it all the way and hold it in that position for 15 seconds. Then lower it all the way down again. That is the common procedure for Toyota's that should reprogram the "jamb protection" which is what's causing your window to go down the 2 inches or so.
Thanks Chris but the left rear door (used one I replaced ) glass will not move at all. It moves when I hit the lock on key fob
Disconnect the battery, reconnect, then do that procedure even if the window isn't working. hold the switch (for that door) down for 2 seconds, then up for 15 seconds, then down. Turn the ignition off, then on again. That should solve it. If not then you may have another issue. Check your connections. Have you verified that your switch is good? Have you checked to see if the window will work with direct dc power? (Battery box or charger?) That's what comes to my mind right now.
Chris thanks again and also your time , but rear window will not work . The front door I also replaced and glass and lock work fine and all the other widows work off the main switch except the left rear door. When I use the main switch on drivers door to lock the rear glass will move down a little ?
One thing I just thought of the car is a Japan built car and the used doors I removed are a USA built car. I am going to change the rear door wiring harness from the original door and let you know if that helps. Again thank you so much. Tom
USA and Japan don't mix from what I recall Tom. Sounds like you are on the right track changing everything over.
Door update : I just changed the wiring harness over from original door and everything works great. I just wasn't thinking about the USA and Japan built cars have had a lot on my mind and the lost of our beloved Golden " Sadie ". Thank You
Tom, sorry to hear about your dog. Losing one that you loved hurts crazy. I lost my pitbull earlier this year and I still tear up nearly every day thinking about her. Cherish the memories and be glad you loved her so much that losing her hurts like it does. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers.

Here's a pic of my pit. I miss her everyday.