2K Primer effect on color


I have read tons on the subject about what color primer to use under a particular color. White, Yellow, Red base over a white or gray primer, dark paints over black etc.
I am working on am AMX and will be using Red, White, and Blue base.
I have sprayed black epoxy and am now using Gray 2K.
I had not planned on using the 2K everywhere (inside engine bay or trunk, inside fenders).
I was told that would be OK, since I was only blocking areas that show.
If I use a good base and put on enough coats will it matter?
If it really does matter wouldn't I have another tape line to worry about?
The blue would be used on the back quarter of the car.
How are two tone paint usually done?


Get some white epoxy, reduce as a sealer, and spray it before you base. You solve your color issues and get a better quality job from the benefits of epoxy sealer.
Use the white under the blue?
I'm just poor boy and have 1/2 gallon of black epoxy. Will the white make that much difference?

Jim C

yes, you need white under the red. white will work under the blue as well. the blue may need an extra coat but it should work and cover with a reasonable amount of coats. red on the other hand, depending on the formula and paint may take 9-12 before the primer color is overcome and some economy lines may never overcome the base color. hard to say really but i can tell you that with the prices of red that its far cheaper to buy some white epoxy or the white 2k sealer. you can also use the white base you already have...if you have enough


Combo Man
Some paint lines provide a proper grey primer/sealer shade on the formula page. For example, I can see that for GM Victory Red, a very light grey is called for that is about 1.7% black. That might not sound like a lot of black, but it makes a noticeably gray shade. I would probably use something about like that overall because your red will be the most transparent color. You'd also be best off getting some black and white sprayout cards from your jobber to see how many coats of each color are necessary to achieve full coverage. Usually with the proper color primer, sealer, and/or ground coat, you can use less than the amount to achieve full coverage, but not too much less! Paint jobs that are too translucent are difficult to repair later.


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Color of your primer doesn't really matter. What matters is the color of your sealer. Especially for a job like that where you are doing three colors. Like Crash said above A very light grey would be the best compromise for the three colors you are doing. Consider sealing it an essential step to achieving what you are trying to do. Sealing it with epoxy would be the best choice and also make the job of taping it out easier. If you use a urethane sealer you run into issues with re-coat time.

As for how to do a two tone, read through these threads, that should help some. Keep asking questions if you have them.

One of those topics was one you started.:)