2K Sealer for priming?


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I was reading the instructions for the 2K sealer in the tech manual and it states it can also be used as a primer when you don’t add reducer. My question is why would you? Will it spray with less texture than regular 2K primer?
the 2k sealer is all i ever use for primer. have for years. it really is a just a primer but the fillers in it seem to be ground finer so it sprays smoother. for me, why keep 2 products when 1 will do the job. only time i have ever used a different primer is when i need the hb primer for something but even then, the 2k sealer will do the job there as well with just another coat or 2. not to mention you can get it in white and black then intermix to get any shade of grey you want.
Thanks Jim, that makes perfect since and I assume you can use a retarder to slow the dry time during hot weather.
yes you can but i dont really find the need. it doesnt leave a dry gritty overspray like the regular build always does...or atleast used to. havent used that in 15 years.
I now reduce the 2k about 10% just so it doesn’t leave the gritty spray. Sprays out slicker when slightly reduced.
I used a 2.5mm but throttled the trigger. That is huge and I don't recommend it for beginners.
A 1.8 to 2.0 would be safer IMO, for 2K primer.

I've recently learned within the last three months how to throttle the trigger. It's a game changer in certain situations. Another useful technique I forced myself to learned.