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3M accuspray hgp

hey guys i decided to try out the 3m accuspray with the pressure cup.
ive decided that i would rather use something that has a disposable head for spraying heavy paint like slick sand and so on. i went to try spraying spi regular build primer with the 2.0mm head. reccommended settings call for a 20psi max with trigger pulled. i had fluid tip turned out 1-1/2 turns and when i went to spray, it layed very splotchy kinda like bedliner. so i switched out the 2mm head for the 1.8 mm.

same thing.
then i switched to my sata 100 b rp with a 1.6 tip. that sprayed it much smoother but i could tell the gun was struggling especially since spi reccomends spraying regular build with a 1.8-2.5mm tip.

all said and done, the primer flashed off and cured nice and smooth even though it went on very heavy.

also note with the 3m i raised psi well over 30 and no difference.
anyone else have more experience with this gun?
it did spray epoxy very nicely with the 1.8

thank you all for your time
I only have the regular version, not the pressurized one. But I can tell you that it is finicky to me. Mine does not like high pressures at all. The spray head with seperate from the gun and create a gap there which will let air/paint out. You can actually see it. Ive used 1.3,1.4,1.8 tips in mine. Typically just use the 1.8 now for primer. Works well. Just shot some vp2100 through it, and it did okay. Ive laid some nice base/clear with the 1.3/1,4 tips though too. Its a good gun once you figure it out.