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59 Vette - continuation

I thought I would've had my car painted by now, but I'm sure others can identify with the best plans, etc. Anyway, we managed to get it primed (white epoxy} & now completing sanding with a few small areas requiring glazing. Then ready to reprime, seal, paint & clear, using SPI white epoxy, Motobase LV tricoat & SPI Euro clear, which is all ready to go. Attached a few pics after completing the last primer work & new stands we made to help with limited work area in my temporary paint booth. DSCF5951.JPG DSCF5955.JPG DSCF5945.JPG DSCF5975.JPG DSCF5981.JPG DSCF5985.JPG DSCF5936.JPG DSCF5935.JPG DSCF5949.JPG



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Looking like you are doing a fantastic job.
Is that moto reducer in a plastic jug?
I like the idea and many moons ago at utech before sikkens bought us we put clear in plastic jugs.
Then one day dot comes in and we went to metal cans.
To this day i dont know if legal or not but at the time the dot slapped us
around pretty good.
Thanks for your comment.
The Motobase & Euro are all metal cans,they just arrived rather bent up due to rough handling by UPS. Surprised that none were leaking. Notified Chad's that they might consider more packaging, however that might not help if UPS is going to drop these heavy boxes out of their trucks?


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LOL, I have seen pictures where we ship something and it looks like ups or FedEx flew over and dropped the packages 5000 feet to the porch.