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Dave C 5

My buddy has terminal cancer. He would like to sell his vette . It is not original and has its blemishes but is a very solid - 350 - 4 speed let me know if you’re interested he’s asking 42,000


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Dave C 5

I really wish I could buy it for myself and keep it in the circle but I’m knee deep in a mustang restoration and can’t afford it - Fred takes care of his stuff ! A good buy and if you call him he will tell the truth about everything dealing with the car ! A VERY HONEST AND HONERABLE MAN !

Dave C 5

Thank you . He’s helped me put together a lot of cars - always shows up with a phone call - only seen him mad enough to cuss once- cars was his life- I think he’s lost track of how many he’s had - I know he’s had at least 15 vettes but if it was cool he would buy it. Gonna miss him.
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Sorry to hear about your friend, our thoughts and prayers go out.

FWIW, I got too many C3 Corvette projects now but I like to watch for sales in hopes I can convince my better half I need another, ha! However, from watching ebay, clasiq, craigslist, others and BAT, the BAT sales are going for more money right now. So, I agree with chevman. Now BAT I think takes a fee from both seller and buyer, need to read the fine print. And, if I was selling right now, I would likely go BAT, if buying I would check elsewhere. Hope this might help.

Dave C 5

People here in Illinois are getting charged more for taxes on car purchases. If you buy a used truck for 20 grand off a private individual - they will send you a bill for more taxes cause they say it’s really worth 24 grand ! All because of used car value going up . Need to make sure when you buy a used car you get a signed receipt from the person you bought it from -