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71-74 Charger


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Does anyone on this board have a 71-74 charger? I'm just looking for a few rough dimensions.

I am looking for the dimension of the front of the rocker, lip to lip in the front of the rocker area and towards the back just before it curves up to the back of the door opening. Also I am looking for the top of the lip at the back of the door opening.

**Picture is just for reference on where i need the dimensions from.**


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Orange do you have a tram? If so just square it out. Most of the time you can't get measurements especially for old stuff. They exist but very few people have the books for stuff that old. Especially upper body measurements. Quarter to quarter measurement won't neccesarily be accurate if the whole car moved in the accident.
All you need to do is take cross measurements. Just take a tram or with that car you could even use a tape measure and go from the left (DS) quarter to the right(PS)hinge pillar. Then do the same from the right quarter to the left hinge pillar. Find or mark a symetrical point on each so that you know you are measuring in the same spot. Once you have the same measurement on both cross measurments you have it square. General rule of thumb on older stuff is (+/-) 3/16"

That is really the only way to ensure that it is square. And being square is what you want. Measurements you want will fool you especially is you don't have the centerline of the car. Square it so it's the same on both and you can be assured stuff will fit.


Trying to be the best me, I can be
If you are having trouble visualizing what the measurements are telling you try drawing them on a piece of paper. Knowing what damage was on the one you are working on the initial measurements are going to be like this. Left 1/4 to Right Hinge Pillar will be shorter. Right quarter to left will be longer. You should also get underside and do a cross of the center section. Center section on unibody's including that car will be the front edge of the rocker to the rear edge of the rocker. Find symmetrical points as close to the length of the center section as possible and cross those. Same principle applies as above.