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79 f250 restore

This is my truck 2 years in the making. Just want to thank everyone on this forum for all the knowledge I used from this sight to get me through the project.
All spi paint, except for a few nuts and bolts that got spray bomb. Was my first resto and I think I’m going to retire. Special thanks to Barry for answering my questions, and sending me the raw paint for the box I did with raptor. It turned out really nice.


Nice work. I have a 79 F-150 short wide 4 wheel drive which I bought new, My son has plans to restore it & keep it in the family. I'm currently redoin' my 59 vette, but as you said I'm definitely retiring when it done.
Very Nice. Love the white. Is this the original color? See a few of these trucks restored and will see a off color that just don't look right but your truck looks great !!!!!
Thanks. Original color was red and white. Wimbledon white was the color back in the day, kinda of a dirty white. This is almost a match to the ford arctic white, which I had previously painted it. I like the bright white a lot better . Hurts your eyes in the direct sun.
looks great. i have a 78 3/4 i was going to rehab . built a 460 for it but never got around to it.
i remember those days of the small pressure blaster . thing worked me to death . :)
Thanks shine, that really means a lot coming from you. Cause I’ve seen pics of your work. This does have a 460 in it I built. Lunati rv cam, L&L ceramic headers. Sterling rear end out of my 96 f250, when I went to straight axle and 3:54 gears. Yeah sandblasting is fun HaHa. Found out it’s better in the winter here in Iowa. Not so hot and the air compressor doesn’t make near as much water.