8 year old epoxy - process questions.


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Hi All,

I've decided to invest in the tools and learn how to paint my own car. I had the shell media blasted and spayed with 2 coats of SPI epoxy right after to seal it. Life got in the way and the car has been sitting for 8 years in the garage. I'm now ready to start the metal work.

I need to replace a quarter and fill some holes in the engine bay. I haven't cleaned up the doors, hood, trunk lid yet. They are still in old paint.

Question - Once all the metal work is done, should I take the new quarter down to metal, sand the rest of the car with 220 and then go over the whole thing with a fresh coat of epoxy and then filler within the window and then another epoxy coat over everything once filler is sanded down? Just trying to understand the process correctly at this point.